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Who are Kinfolk & Friends?

Kinfolk & Friends is a Brampton, Ontario based company who has been providing top quality  airbrushing, clown and magical entertainment services to Southern Ontario for the past 20 years. Most of the 10 or so highly trained entertainers that perform for Kinfolk & Friends are related…or are very good friends! The two head haunchos at  Kinfolk and Friends -Kookie and Woodsy- are your airbrush face and body painting specialists!

Can I mix and match the services you provide?

Absolutely. Our most popular combination is airbrush face and body painting combined with animal balloons, puppets and stickers.  We can customize our services to meet your specific needs.  If you prefer, we can also perform in plain, but funky clothes…we’re not  dressed as clowns, but we still look pretty spiffy!

What kind of experience and training do your entertainers have?

All Kinfolk entertainers are highly trained professionals who have been in the business for several years. We continually upgrade our skills and talents by attending conferences, lectures and courses.

You Asked Us…About Airbrush Face and Body Painting.

Is airbrush face and body painting safe?

ABSOLUTELY!! Ensuring the safety of our services is our number one priority. Airbrush face painting is way, way more hygenic than traditional face painting. No more icky brushes and dirty water that can transfer bacteria from one face to another. With airbrush face painting, the only wet stuff that touches your skin is the make-up! We always airbrush designs on ourselves to demonstrate our artistic talents while performing at events. Trust us…we wouldn’t cover ourselves in this stuff if it wasn’t safe!!

How much air pressure do you use?

We use approximately 15 psi (pounds per square inch) air pressure. This is an extremely low pressure and is totally safe for applying make-up. It does not hurt, sting or itch. As a matter of fact, it is quite pleasant on a hot day!! Beware of airbrush face painters who use more than 30 psi…it is very uncomfortable…and not safe!

What kind of airbrush paint do you use?

We do NOT USE PAINT! We use only FDA approved hypo-allergenic airbrush make-up and the highest quality theatrical make-up supplies. The glitter we use to highlight our airbrush designs is polyester-based which makes it far safer than the metallic-based glitters. Beware of face painters who use metallic glitter…if it gets in your eyes it can cause permanent damage. We have never yet had an allergic reaction to any of our airbrush make-up or other supplies.

How fast is airbrush face and body painting?

One artist can airbrush approximately 40-50 designs per hour. Most designs can be completed in about 30-45 seconds. When participating in large-volume events, we usually offer our 100 or more cheek, hair, belly-button and leg designs.  If you’ve got two of us airbrushing at once, we can create approximately 90-100 wonderful designs in an hour!!! Traditional face painting just cannot compare!  Let us help keep your lines moving fast and your guests happy.

How do the designs turn out so perfectly beautiful?

By using a combination of stencils and free-hand techniques, we can create intricate images with awesome colour variations that are absolutely stunning! If you supply us with some artwork, we would be happy to custom-cut a stencil with your logo or design…at absolutely no additional cost (please keep in mind that some logos may not be suitable for reproducing as a stencil). If we add just a tiny bit of glitter to highlight the design… voila …you are a walking masterpiece!

How do I take off the airbrush make-up?

Our airbrush make up will stay bright and vibrant for hours. When you would like to remove the design, simply use a bit of  magic soap and water (if you don’t have magic soap, regular soap will work too!). If you are removing make-up from around your eyes, a gentle, baby-type soap is recommended. It’s so quick…it’s so easy…and no mess!!

Do you do the airbrushing dressed in your awesome clown outfits, or can you perform in “plainclothes” too?

We would be just tickled to perform our airbrush face painting either in costume…or in plain, but spiffy clothes.  We have performed in “plainclothes” at bars, sporting events, even formal affairs!  During the hot, muggy, icky, uncomfortable summer months we definitely prefer to perform in our plain (but funky) clothes. Comfortable entertainers…are happy entertainers!!

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